The headers are fully installed. 

 The system sounds awesome and flows incredibly!  We are not running cats at the moment. We may add them at some point but I hate to do it when the system flows like it does.
We have no squeaks, rattles, nothing hitting the frame. It’s all good and BTW looks stunning too. I have an appointment with Ed Wright Automotive on April 29th for a dyno update and to dial everything in to perfection. I can’t wait to see what a difference this makes. I have had the car out once under WOT and it is blazing fast, but rpm’s bounce off the rev limiter in the 1-2 shift before hitting 2nd and lighting up the tires again.

I’m very happy with the system and it was worth the wait. When I get a chance I will post comments on the web lauding your set-up.

 Thanks again for an awesome fitting FL-TD system for a great price!


Hey good morning!!! i just wanted to let u know i installed the headers now on my silverado and all i can say i love them... fit is perfect!!!! thanx a lot and i gave you possitive feedback on forums already!!

Thanks again for the headers. Once I installed the wheatley tune my truck hauls ass now!! I only have 2 concerns. The first is the cabin noise. After first when driving the truck I felt like I was hearing an exhaust leak but after going to 2 shops and showing them the install there are no leaks. They said it is the headers I am hearing. I still plan to throw some high flow cats on which I pray will take away all most of the cabin noise. The 2nd is that the taylor wires are rubbing on the headers ( 4 out of 8) so I just bought there 45 degree boot kit which should take care of this. But other then that I love these headers man and I am recommending you to everyone. Do you make headers for a 96 imapala SS? I know some guys that would be interested. Thanks again.


WORTH THE WEIGHT,REAL GOOD QUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BEAUTIFUL HEADERS AND Y-PIPE. Recommend to everyone I know! Thanks!!!

Great Headers, Bolted right up no problems!! Thanks!!!

I was very pleased with my purchase. the headers are great!


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